Family at Bridge

Family at Bridge

In love

In love

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Mom and Dad

mom and jordan

mom and jordan
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Family tight

Family tight
Sept. 2009

Ryan and Michal

Ryan and Michal

It was the Dress

It was the Dress

Emmanuel and Jordan

Emmanuel and Jordan
Loving each other

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

It was a banner year at the Davis household this Christmas. We had a lot of family in town to help us celebrate the season of love. Uncle Aaron and his family (Monica, Jourdian, Maxwell and Jayla), Aunt Alex (and Carmen), Cousin JoVonn and Grandma Galster all came in from out of town and we had a great time.

The morning of Christmas we woke up to a kitchen set and a "hello kitty" house for the girls, (poor dad was up until 4am putting it all together). Afterwards we went to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's house to start the day. Grandma Eileen made a wonderful breakfast and the girls got all sorts of fun stuff. Mom got a new video camera and dad got his pancake dispenser (along with other wonderful things).

Afterwards, we head over to Grandma and Grandpa Davis to continue to season of giving. The girls got some cool toys and Emmanuel was very happy with her helmet and Dora scooter. Dad was very happy with his new GPS system and has not stopped playing with it since...even putting in places he already knows how to get to.

Lastly, we went to my aunt Jodie's in Southfield and my good friend Brandi came over. All the grandparents were so happy to see the kids and we were so excited that we saw everyone in one day. The next day mom went to see the movie "doubt" and today we are off to see the "Benjamin so and so" movie. Can someone please get me to the movie, "Milk"? I have been waiting for that one forever!

I finished my book "Middlesex" and thought it was amazing in case you are looking for a new book. Now I am on to the book I gave my mother (she finished in one day), "Wishfully Drinking" by Carrie Fisher. Enjoy your New Year!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Emmanuel Turns 3

We celebrated Emmanuel's birthday on December 13 at Tutor Time in Saline. We had a great day and Emmanuel LOVED every minute of it. It still amazes me how tired these parties can be so thank goodness they are only once a year.

Emmanuel's birthday is December 24th so we will be celebrating again in a few weeks with family so this Christmas child can NEVER argue that she gets the short end of the stick.

Thank you to those that came to the party...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a blast this Halloween! It was great to see the girls dress up together and Emmanuel got such a kick out of Jordan in costume. Earlier in the week we went to a neighborhood parade and it was too cold to be our 1st choice costumes (Ariel and the fisher(wo)man) so we resorted to the warm Piglet and Pooh (see pictures).

On Halloween we had a parade at school and Emmanuel's friends had great costumes (Bat girl, Dora, Obama). Ariel is completely into Disney Princesses and just felt so pretty in her Ariel costume. I'm not sure who taught her to pose but she thinks she has it down.

John took the girls to a few houses and mom stayed behind dressed as a ghost buster to hand out candy. It was an overall great day and now we are exhausted...and by "we" I mean John and I.

Happy Halloween.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Last week of Summer

The season is officially changing and I do love being in a college town. All the students are back in session and our kids are even going back to daycare (3 days a week).

We got these lovely outfits from our lovely neighbors, Kathy and Phil for Jordan's birthday so we were modeling outside the house.

Not much to write about this week but things are good and we will have much more to share next time.

Enjoy Fall.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jordan Turns 1

Oh happy day...

...We celebrate Jordan's first birthday on August 20th but this past weekend we had a fun party to celebrate. We had a water station themed party for all ages, a face painting bumble bee (better known as Carmen), cake, pizza, ice-cream and had a blast. We were happy to have all our grandparents present as well as friends and family members.

I now understand why parents choose to pay a venue to have a party because it really a lot of work to get your house ready, host and clean up...but we really had an amazing time. That being said, I think that next year we will be at the water park instead of our water

Go Jordan, it's your birthday!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Little (Yellow) Corvette

Yes, it is officially. The girls are grown up and have their own car and not just any car but a CORVETTE. When I was growing up, the only thing that I wanted and didn't get (which is amazing if you think about it) was a battery car to ride in when I was little so the moment that I thought Emmanuel could reach the pedals I bought a used one on Craig's List.

They are the coolest girls on the block!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rollig with my Homies...

We have been having a great summer and today we went to Rolling Hills Water Park with aunt Alex. It was great to have the extra help and Alex has been really great to have around this summer. After graduation, Alex bought a one-way ticket to New York and got a job in one week at Paul Weiss firm as a paralegal. She starts on August 18 and we sure are going to miss her.

Carmen has just finished up her semester abroad in Spain and loved her experience. She is spending the next 8 days in Paris, Greece and Italy before coming home.

Jordan turns one next month and although she has gotten better at cruising, she is not ready to let go and try it on her own. Emmanuel has been doing a great job with her potty training and she is offically in her big girl panties every day now. She even took herself to the bathroom for the first time this week. Both the girls start school in October.

John and Ryan have joined a co-ed softball game and we are officially old and out of shape. The first game we were sore for a week and the second game, dad pulled both hamstrings. We are in it to win it, but haven't won one game yet...we are officially the bad news bears. Wish us luck b/c tonight is our 3rd game.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The New Basement

I was out shopping at JcPenny's for a baby shower gift and just happened to go past the "HUGE FURNITURE SALE" they were having. Last year, when we first moved I saw this sectional that I liked but was too expensive and when I walked by it again, it was 70% off (floor model). Well, as you can see, I had to make a move so I told them I would take it, rented a UHAUL truck and asked my friend Qia to come over and help me move it in so I could surprise my dear husband with a father's Day gift.

Qia and I must have tried the first part about 4 times before we got it downstairs and then the long piece just wouldn't fit. I started to freak out b/c it was a floor model so I couldn't return it. I waited for John to come home and we tried an additional 5 times. Later on our neighbors came over and Phil and Jon tried it another 4 times (they got the closest) but nothing. After several attempts and several dents in our walls, we decided to have someone come out and take our big basement windows out. Luckily once the windows were out the couch fit right in.

After the couch was in, we decided to go all out and paint the basement, set up an office area for dad, and a play area for the girls. We even cleaned out our storage room and finished our workout area. Very productive week!

The moral of this story is...when you buy a floor item you better make it work!!
The moral of this story is that

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alex Graduation

I am so excited to announce that my sister Alexandria has graduated from Northwestern University and I couldn't be prouder. Whatever you do though...don't ask her what she is doing next year.

John and I bought our first grill and plan to do something with it soon. Jordan has been cruising, Emmanuel's last day of school is 6/27 for the summer and mom is enjoying life right now. Do you know what I love best about summer? MARGARITA'S!! I am going to the Irish Pub (O'Connor) with a girlfriend this Friday and couldn't be happier.

My good friend Qia is moving to NY next week and I am so happy for her. I would like to wish her the best because she deserves the best. Also, our good friend Jen and Chico Mbanu are moving to DC and we also wish them the best. Here is to a great summer!